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Storytelling, Storytellers & Information Systems: with Emphasis on the Virgin Islands

ISBN: 9781636520292

Storytelling, Storytellers, and Information Systems with Emphasis on the Virgin Islands recounts selected Caribbean and West Indian storytellers, samples of their notable literary and artistic work, accomplishments, accolades, and the event of storytelling. It discusses the various art and science forms of the craft ranging from the traditional to interactive stories. It underscores the cultural preservation needs with the ideal investment to achieve this objective by utilizing information systems. Under this umbrella of information systems development is selecting the most agile platform in this arena – Artificial Intelligence in the form of Humanoids. It can be realized in six colorful chapters that include a terse account of information regarding the Caribbean country, storytellers, information systems, and how they have added to the vast body of knowledge.

The book includes:

  • A comprehensive bibliography.
  • Biographical sketches of storytelling.
  • Listing of international storytellers.
  • Maps of selected Caribbean islands.
  • Academic institutions' Listing for storytelling training.

ISBN: 978-1-63652-029-2



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