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Cries of the south

ISBN: 9781636520131

On the occasion of the wreckage of a refugee boat in the Mediterranean, a political observer Andreas Romanos - Known as " The Thorn", decided to make a short film to record the living conditions that force the people of long-suffering Africa to flee their homeland seeking a better life in the inhospitable countries of Europe. Thus,  begins a  journey based on real events and dramatic upheavals that will reveal the vicious games of the west to the detriment of the impoverished people.

The book reveals a tale of sold-out governments that offer earth's riches to western corporations hence robbing the people of their land, water, gold, silver, uranium, etc. 

About the author. 

Michalis Papandronis is a painter and writer based in Greece. He is the author of four books in the Greek Language. Cries of the South is his first English Translation


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  • Publisher: BTB Publishing
  • Language:: English
  • ISBN-10: 978-1-63652-013-1


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